Russian Plane Crash Kills All On Board

What was meant a promotional flight for the first Russian all-passenger plane since the Soviet Union ended in disaster when the plane crashed in Indonesia killing everyone on board.

The Superjet 1o0 was supposed to signal  the beginning of the revival of the national aerospace industry. It had taken off from an airport in Jakarta before crashing 40 miles south of the capital for its second demonstration of the day

According to Reuters  the plane was carrying Indonesians, including journalists and businessmen, eight Russians, including embassy officials, pilots and technicians, two Italians, one French citizen and one American. It is said that

Rescue workers have discovered some bodies but no survivors.

Russia  has been trying to market this plane for international markets but this will do little for confidence in its product. While made at a third of the price of similar planes coming from Canada, if safety issues are overlooked this defeats the whole purpose. While the plane is in service in Russia, we would be worried about getting onto one were it come to Zimbabwe. After all, Zimbabwe does have a thing for buying these sorts of planes.

That said, we hope that the Russians have a look at what happened and make sure something of that sort. While we will not preempt a report into what really happened, we can’t help but worry. That said, we do hope they get it right.

Our hearts go out to those who lost their lives.

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