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This guest post looks at the fall-out from nude on Twitter saga. Apparently now there is a threat to drop more.


So on the 13th of April 2013, this seemingly decent looking young man tweeted the infamous nude picture of @ragingbarbie on twitter

That was a nude picture of seemingly decent young lady who he was once involved with or something… However, some thing happened, and he decided to release this embarrassing nude of her… (Disclaimer: I actually don’t follow either and I don’t know how this all started).

Now, 10 yrs living in the 80’s near Bondai Beach in Australia, then 15 yrs in Europe, have desensitized me to boobs in general, I mean, Boobs are beautiful, 99% of us can owe our lives to our moms using them to feed us, and many males find them an object of beauty.

The tits exposed by this young lad, however great looking, as a tool to cause maximum damage, actually belonged to a person. This Human Being, woke up one day, had a public “tweef” and found her privates available for the nearly 7Billion people in the world to see.

This was a moral tragedy… Tonight, the “Tweef” continues, and young man is now threatening to release #5moreNude… yep… it actually has a Hash Tag.  And the “Twimbos” are retweeting and baying for more of young “Raging Barbies” tits.

Sadly the victims of all this shit will only fully surface in the future… The victims now are already being devastated, but there will be more victims.

Young “@AmBluJay” will not be Young forever, he may have aspirations to be a Lawyer, Politician, Doctor, Accountant, CEO… he will one day have to pay for the naive actions of his Twitter past.

As he now threatens to out more nudes for the benefit of his “exs” First Born child, he must remember that he too, may one day have daughters… He may have to explain to his Daughter why he thought being a misogynist was fun.

Shiiiiii I have 2 Daughters. I’m 35, and my oldest turns 11 in a few months. Will she also one day, fall in love, make questionable decisions of sending some young dude “tit pics” and then have the sword of Damocles held over her head, as people have the power to #HashTag and make it go viral??

I feel bad for both this young man and the young lady he is ridiculing and publicly embarrassing.

Having a scroll of both their timelines, you will quickly see that both of them are often pretty nasty… However, this was cool in the good old days of internet anonymity. Now we live in a world where people introduce themselves with their Twitter handle.

My bet is that Raging Barbie’s dad/brothers/uncles haven’t yet seen their daughter mocked publicly and stripped naked for the humour of the “Twimbonation. But if this was my daughter/sister/niece, no price would be too high… No jail sentence too long… I would never forgive or forget.


This article was originally published on Kuda’s Rant Space, a site where blogger, rapper, producer Kudakwashe Musasiwa rants. The views in this article are entirely his own.

  • Handina Zita

    “decent young lady”? seriously? ha ha ha, get facts straight before blogging, i know this girl, very far from decent. tikada kubuditsa ari ma video munozoti kudini?

  • Handina Zita – Basic O’levels would allow u to cognitively understand a simple literary device (ie: Synonym) like placing “SEEMINGLY” before an adjective – clearly demonstrates ones inability to judge either way. This Young Ladies “decency” can not be judged by leaked Nudes… coz many decent people have nude pictures. Her persona on Twitter again could purely be a caricature projection of who she wants you to see. Just like the Young lad who is doing a Larry Flint and trying to embarrass her publicly… I’m sure in from of his Mom and Dad, he’s a decent kid.

    But all “kids” have to one day grow up. and all Caricatures of themselves will have to be answered for. Simples.

    If this girl kills herself after the embarrassment of 5 More Nudes, would u still feel the same ways?

    • Handina Zita

      i’m an engineer not some literature goon. Synonyms aside all i am saying is if you are to be objective then show both sides of the story and do not be biased. Provoked and uncalled for attacks forced the guy into retaliation, cyber bully had the tables turned onto her and all you seem intrigued about are the nudes posted, why not write into the article the dangers and repercussions of cyber bullying as well? Warned before hand to cease her insults she dared the guy to post them and even took a step further disclosing screenshots of private conversations. After everything she continues insulting the guy and challenging him to post more nudes if he has the guts.

      Wrong or not for posting those pictures i recommend you be objective not this self righteous pretend journalism.

      • Why should I either of them get themselves into such a situation. If a fool provokes you, and you react like fool, there is no difference between the two of you

      • As I said, my only interaction with these yougens is their madness filtering on my timeline. I didn’t bother to dig deeper and I an NOT a journalist my dude. I wrote on MY PERSONAL Blog. 3Mob op-ed’ed the blog which is great. I believe the points are valid. If you believe that ANY YOUNG LADY deserves her private parts exposed on the WWW, coz of revealing “messages” then shame on u too…

    • Well responded