Outdated Cellphones Might Not Be Able To Access The Web Next Year

If your phone is five years or older you could be unable to access the web (or at least some of your favourite sites) from January 2016.

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The reason is basically based on the way websites tell you how secure they are and that they are the real website (not phishing sites trying to steal your details).

According to Buzzfeed, this update will not support old phones.

So this will affect your access to sites such as Google, Facebook, Twitter and even your bank. Yes, it is that deep.

A lotĀ of Africa will probably be affected given the way we like to hold onto our phones. Well they say anything between 4 and 7%. Probably more in some areas than others.

Facebook is already throwing a hissy-fit saying it is not right to cut the part of the world off that has just gotten access to the Internet in the name of encryption.

We don’t normally agree with Facebook on a lot of things, but they have a point here. The thing is, the people being cut off are not the richest in the world. It is the very people who need the Internet right now and do not have the money to upgrade their phones to stay cool. Suddenly telling them they can’t play in the same sandbox as others because they are too poor is pretty piss.

There are still discussions but at best they could simply postpone the event.