Of Prof Jonathan Moyo And His Joining Twitter, Facebook

In the words of that weird dead bloke Ian Smith, not in a thousand years, Zimbabwe’s Information, Media and Broadcasting Services minister Professor Jonathan Moyo did say about joining social media.

Jump on the social media bandwagon
Matt Hamm / Foter / CC BY-NC

Well that has changed. The good prof opened a Facebook and Twitter account on Monday.

His reason?

My decision to be active on Twitter and Facebook, which I had previously vowed never to use in a thousand years, has been influenced by my recent appointment by President Mugabe to head Zanu-PF’s Department of Science and Technology which has combined very nicely with a long standing push from my kids whose lives revolve around social media. Let’s get started!

Well we’re excited not because he has quotable quotes but mostly because he quotable quotes. That is the thing that we find most fascinating about him.

Beyond that it is about government going into the spaces where the people are, that the good minister sees conversations and concerns play out for themselves. After all whether he is part of the conversation or not it will happen.

So welcome to the jungle Prof Moyo. Although we probably might not use the word cool so much… just putting out there. No pressure.

Oh and no pictures of food… ¬†yeah but no.

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