No service blackouts – Potraz

The Post and Telecommunications Regulataory Authority of Zimbabwe has distanced itself from a message claiming there will be a shutdown of Internet services by all network providers between 10 and 2pm on 31 August.

Close up of smartphone in hand

The message was the latest of numerous hoaxes that have become staple to platforms such as WhatsApp.

Potraz said it ‘noted with concern’ what it called an ‘abusive message’ and added they did not originate it.

It also asked people not to share the message which it said caused unnecessary inconvenience.

Sadly the more we spread some of these hoax messages without verification, the more we give ammunition for those supporting the draconian cyber crime bill.

Meanwhile, calls for a shutdown by some activists seem to have fallen on deaf ears as much of Harare was normal early on Wednesday. There was however a huge police presence.