New-Born Males To Be Circumcised

The government is really going in on this male circumcision thing after a decision to nip little baby boys was made.

The national coordinator of male circumcision – yes we have one of those – Dr Sinokuthemba Xaba, says the decision was made to increase the number of circumcised people in the country.

Just Checking
New-born babies will be circumcised in ZimbabweRan Yaniv Hartstein / Foter / CC BY

You see they planned to have 1.2 million males circumcised males in Zimbabwe by the year 2015, and it seems as if this was not going well. So they decided to come after the little babies who have no choice in the whole matter. Never mind the fact that the the little boys will not be having sex for at least 16 years after they are born. So can’t make the figures? Let’s fudge them like a Nigerian election. Well only a technicality.

At least they say they will be asking for the parents’ consent…

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