Mobile spamming rife in Zimbabwe

Every other day I get a text from someone offering one deal or the other. Being a person who is known by a few more people than the ordinary person it dawned on me that just because they had my number they shared my name as part of a database with other people.

Given the privacy is the new frontier it kinda scares me cause pretty much all of these texts are unsolicited. I get invites to parties at Q’Bana and Fusion and what not and I don’t remember any of the officials associated with those entities coming to ask me if I could be part of their database.

Needless to say this doesnt bother them as they simply collect numbers from the whole organisation and pass them on with very little care or consideration for the safety of the individual concerned. In this case of course that would be me.

About time that this should be regulated methinks. Cause who knows where my details will end up next…

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