Mobile Operators To Be Forced To Share Equipment

The Postal and Telecommunication Regulatory Authority of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ) has come up with a new policy that will make sure the sharing of equipment by mobile phone operators becomes compulsory.

From next year, when the firms renew their licensing it will become incumbent on them to share infrastructure. Currently each operator builds its own bases stations and the works but the policy maker says that this is costly and unnecessary.

With very little trust between the companies, this has not been happening with the companies each building networks parallel to each other. How a piece of legislation will have them trusting each other overnight is beyond us. As it stands they don’t fancy each other much.

POTRAZ’s reasoning is that sharing will reduce costs for customers and will help the companies to focus more on adding new technology to their networks.

On the whole it makes business sense for them to share the network. However getting it done looks like a mission at the moment.

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    so things are now tough for this network! the other year they sponsored a team and made them wear uniforms with their brand name at a tournament sponsored by the other network. now the other network is doing well they want to use some law to latch on to the other’s success! eish!

    • But this is not something that any of the networks is suggesting. This is a government directive and in reality it makes business sense.