H Metro Site Hacked!

The H-Metro site has been hacked.

The hacker has even gone so far as to leave his details on the site, his twitter name that is.

The hacker calls himself robin_lg and he even asks people to contact him via his twitter account. A simple googling of his name shows that he has some level of notoriety when it comes to hacking.

The hacking of local sites has increased over the last couple of months. Before the Internet was a niche service so there were not that many sites to have a go at. Now that there are loads of sites, getting more prominent the target is a lot bigger.

Mind you, the Hmetro site is not updated that regularly so this is not a big deal.

Print Screen of hacked H Metro Site

Check out the hacked site… www.hmetrozim.com

  • robin

    How can sites prevent getting hacked

    • Always update on security and that sort of thing. Many security tools available on the Internet

  • Raymond Mutuwere

    you need to be a good hacker to know how to block attacks, so learn to hack…Security tools may be employed so it is good to know know basic hacking i guess.

  • dude, pliz protect yo site also…
    don’t want this happening to http://www.3-mob.com