Men And Women Do Literally See Things Differently

You know we have always maintained that men and women see things differently. Scientists have proven that there is a difference in the way we process colours.

Men see a slightly redder orange than women do. Grass is yellower for men than it is for women.

It gets worse. Men struggle to distinguish the subtle differences between yellow, green and blue. We on the boat can testify to the number of times that we have called something green only to be told it was some weird shade of blue whose name we do not remember.

This all means stuff such as choosing colours for stuff is a job suited for women. Yes, gents, they are better than us at that. Thanks to the hormone testosterone, we process the colours differently and not quite as effectively.

The folks in thick-rimmed glasses and white dust-coats do say that they are not sure how this translates to the real word.

The study by the City University  Of New York did find one thing men were good at, which explains why we are good at watching football. Men detect fine details in moving images better.

So while the missus picks out the colours for the house, we can watch football. Don’t blame us, blame the scientists.

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