Judge Slams ‘Irresponsible’ Econet

The High Court Judge presiding over the hearing pitting Econet against NetOne has slammed the former and warned that it could be charged with contempt of court.

This was after Econet switched off interconnection with its rival hours before the matter was to go before Justice Ben Hlatshwayo.

Out of respect of this court, the disconnection should not have been done. We should be sitting here knowing the public is connected.

Simply disconnecting members of the public without warning is irre­sponsible. Members of the public are busy going about their business then they are suddenly disconnected.

He said that Econet had failed to exercise corporate responsibilty with its actions.

The two are embroiled in a disagreement in which Econet says that it is owed $20 million in interconnection fees but the state-run NetOne. NetOne denies that it is in debt, at least not to that much.

Econet cut NetOne off last week before they were forced to reconnect. As it stands there is now a stay of execution of that disconnection until the matter has been heard.

This really turning into a soap opera. Someone should just put them in a room and tell them to shut up.

With Sources from NewZimbabwe.com