International Space Station spotted with the naked eye over Zimbabwe

At 18.47 Southern Africans will have spotted the International Space Station.

International Space Station PIC: NASA

For those who spotted it, it was like a very fast-moving plane going north-east and with our clear night over Harare. It was visible for roughly 3 minutes.

We were first alerted by @IgnazioMagnani on Twitter.

We are not the only ones who saw it



And for some it got complicated:

Meanwhile this is what Victoria Falls looks like from the ISS as taken by astronaut Thomas Pesquet on it currently. The full compliment is Jack FischerFyodor YurchikhinThomas PesquetCommander Peggy Whitson and Oleg Novitskiy

Thomas Pesquet’s pic from international space station: PIC; Credits: ESA/NASA

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