Is New iPhone 4s Really Worth It?

Call me cheap but I am one of those people who would rather wait for the iPhone 5 than buy the 4S. Something in my gut tells me that those that already have the iPhone 4  and upgrade to the iPhone 4S will be kicking themselves once the I-phone 5 comes out.

I Am not a not a fan of how Apple delays the release of technology on their gagets, they make minor changes which they could have released in earlier versions then sell these so called “Advanced” versions at a premium, they create artificial shortages in the market for their products, make people queue for no reason at all (other than trying to make their product unique ).They dont have basic sofware like flash and restrict certain websites from running on the iPhone. Still this does not take anything away from the performance of the iPhone.

Another cool thing about the iPhone is that users have an option to update the software on their phones. The recent iOS5 software is really cool, a world of difference from the previous version.  I was really impressed by some of the changes made.

I particularly like the iCloud feature. With iCloud, a user can store their contacts, pictures and other information on the Apple cloud service. In other words no more “I didnt have your number because I lost my phone” excuse.

Users can have access to their files when they sign into iCloud even from another iPhone. There are many other feature that the new software has, infact about 200 of them. For those who are still in love with their iPhone 4 we suggest you consider a software upgrade before buying the new iPhone 4s. Check out the new Apple iOS5 software and tell us what you think.