Harare Water Poison Saga: Driver Arrested

The driver at the centre of the Harare water poisoning case which gripped the city last week was arrested over the weekend.

State media reports that Simon Demhe was charged with contravening provisions of the Water Act and the Environmental Management Act.

Demhe left Beira with 19 tonnes of sodium cyanide instead a water purification chemicals which were then supposed to be delivered to the Harare’s Morton Jaffray treatment plant.

Danger was averted in time and potential disaster was avoided. Already, Demhe’s manager Farai Muchenge has been arrested an faces the same charges.

To be fair, we doubt that the driver and the manager in question actually intended to poison Zimbabwe and this was negligence at best. Perhaps these two do have to face the end of the barrel of a gun – not literally – for negligence to not become an everyday thing especially in issues to do with the public at large.

With the government now saying it will not tolerate slack doctors it might be about time that mistakes are punished by law. After all, in any normal society, they generally are.