Happy Social Media Day, Zimbabwe

Masahable started Social Media Day in 2010 in recognition of  ‘the digital revolution happening right before our eyes’.

While meetups have been organised in other countries we have not seen any such activity in Zimbabwe. Being a new thing, we expect that it will pick up in the coming years.

Social media has dramatically changed the Internet and general communication over the past few years. Whereas the Internet used to be a place where only a select few created content and the rest were merely consumers, now the net is being shaped by everyone on it.

Marketers are changing their behaviour to suit the habits of users of the Internet and people are becoming more aware of what is happening around them. Social media has even changed governments. Fitting it is that one of the governments it changed is the Egyptian one which installed its first civilian president today.

It has not come without its dangers though. It has also invited criminal elements who feed on information given out by unwitting people. It has also been criticised by some quarters who believe that it has now opened up citizens for abuse by different states, particularly the United States.

That said, the fact that you read www.3-mob.com defines the success of Social Media. It is not just us. Guys like techzim, rustygate, zimbojam, sha to name a few from Zimbabwe are as a result of social media success. Rapper Tehn Diamond has seen his star rise because of his high activity on social media.

While social media remains something of a toy for many, we see it picking up over the next few years as more Zimbabwean companies take it seriously.

So we say, Happy Social Media Day!

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