Genetically Modified Maize A Health Risk – Study

A French study has shown that there is a long term health risk that comes with the consumption of genetically-modified (GM) maize.

Currently South Africa is the only official GM maize consumer but it is believed countries like Zimbabwe, Mexico and South Africa may be unaware that they are importing GM maize.

Contrary to what pro-GM  groups have been saying, the study found that GM Foods caused cancer and had serious impacts on liver and kidney functioning.

Tests were conducted on rats over two years and showed mortality rate increased for rats which consumed GM foods. The difference was a high as 50% for males and 70% for females.

In most countries GM maize is not meant for food consumption. South Africa is the only country which officially feeds GM maize to its population.

GM maize can only differentiated from organic maize when tested. On visual inspection the two are no different. That means if it is not labeled we could be importing GM maize in Zimbabwe.

Maize is staple for many sub-Saharan countries including Zimbabwe.

With information from The Sowetan

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