GADGET REVIEW: Gtel’s A718 Infinity, Slick And Interesting

We got a Gtel phone, the A718 Infiinity for  a five-day spin to see how it worked we were not sure what to expect .

Gtel A718 Infinity

Gtel A718 Infinity

The design was in the direction of modern smart phones.. It was surprisingly light and slim which means it fits very well into an average pocket. That gives it a slick feel, what with the rounded edges too.

The first thing we tested was the camera. 8MP is OK but what we were keen to see was how it would cope in the night. So we attended a Victor Kunonga show and, well it was OK. It didn’t ring bells and whistles but it was enough to make it acceptable especially for the average user who simply wants to record memories. There were other places we wanted to test it but you can only do so much in five days.

After that it was the video. We recorded a speech by Oliver Mtukudzi at the launch of his new footwear and what impressed us was the clarity of capturing of sound. But that was a speech where everyone was quiet. General playback on sound is great though.

When we tested it at the Victor Kunonga show, near speakers it struggled to filter sounds so you had that hectic audio interference.

How about general use?

It runs Android’s 4.4 version Kitkat very capably on its .2 Gigahertz Quad-core processor and 1GB RAM. It meant we had fun on Youtube with this baby. We even tested its usability when blogging. We posted this article off that phone. The only drawback there was the keys were not as ideally responsive as they could have been meaning that you had to do quite a bit of backspacing to keep grammar correct. Also the auto-complete facility tended to be unusually stubborn at times.

Then there is of course the battery life. With the numerous apps running it struggled a bit. We had to charge it a bit more than we would have wanted to but it will compare favourably with a lot of the smart phones out there.

We used the phone mostly on WiFi but Gtel says this is its first 4G phone which means data will fly on this.

It is a recommended buy especially given that it is retailing at $350. It is worth the investment for many users. You might want to get rid of the loads of apps it comes with because they could just get confused or wear out all your data.

We’re impressed with the progress Gtel is making and if they keep going at it like this, you can be assured of mind-bending experiences in their future.