Facebook wants you to send it your nudes

No it is not for Facebook employees to have an oggling session that they are asking for your nude pictures.

It is part of a new strategy to tackle revenge porn and it is being piloted in Australia.

So it wants you to send it, via your own Facebook messenger platform a nude picture in the possession of an ex who you think might decide to leak it. What it does is that it creates a digital fingerprint, hashed by a techie, which will flag the image when an attempt is made upload it.

This all happens after completing an online privacy and the image is online for a few weeks before it is deleted. The footprint remains though.

There are questions around what happens if someone edits sections of the image, resizes it and so forth. That could mean the image could pass a test unless hashing takes care of some of those image edits.

Also what happens when young children under the age of 18 send pictures because of fear of nudes being leaked. That opens up the prickly, horrifying and troubling issue of child pornography.

Well at least they are doing something about it.

Would you send Facebook your nudes for the digital hashing? Have your say in the comments below

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