Facebook Trials System Where It Will Charge Users For Messaging ‘Non-Friends’

Social media giant Facebook has started trialing a system in which users will charge users to message ‘non-friends’.

It will use an algorithm for a charge of what is reported as being between $1 and $15 messages will be routed to the person’s inbox and not their ‘Others’ folder.

At the moment this is targeted at public individuals and how much will be charged will depend on the person’s popularity.

The idea, according to Facebook is:

  • to prevent people from spamming these public figures.
  • to protect minors against getting unsolicited messages
  • to allow people to decide which ‘non-friends’ they do not want to receive messages from. If a person’s message is moved to the ‘others’ folder they will not be able to pay to have messages routed to inbox.

People will still be able to write on the walls of these public figure based on privacy settings though.

For the average user, the system remains the same and messaging will remain free for friends and others. How far ‘others’ extends is not clear but the network says it is working on the best solution for everyone.

All revenue will go to Facebook.

Will you pay to get in touch with people who are not your friends?

With information from Silicon Republic