Facebook Tracks Everything You Write, Whether You Post Or Not – Study

Facebook records every keystroke made even if you do not post the message according to a new study that tracked the habits of nearly four million people.

Big Brother...
Facebook is watching youThomas Leuthard / Foter.com / CC BY

Adam Kramer, a data scientist spent 17 days tracking user habits as part of a self-censorship study on Facebook.

Facebook claims it does not see words but recognises when keystrokes are made and whether they are posted or not. This is in the format of an HTML code which changes whenever someone types something even if they don’t post it.

AS part of the self-censorship study, Kramer noted that men censored themselves more than women.  Also those with a homegenous group did so more often others so as not to be too offensive.

Also in the 17 days 71pc of the sample censored themselves but the Kramer is pretty sure if the study ran for longer, the other 29pc would too.

The data was collected to find ways for the social network to encourage users to share more.

Facebook has been under attack for a while for its flippant attitude towards privacy with many saying that it sacrifices people’s personal information for profit. Every so often the company has been forced to amend its privacy policy so as to protect users more.

With information from Russia Today

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