Facebook Gets Tough With Pornographic Zim Pages

Social media behemoth Facebook is clamping down on Zimbabwean pages discussing sex in vernacular.

There has been an increase in such pages over the past year and it seems as if the site is not impressed.

Already six pages we have been made aware of, with tens of thousands of followers, discussing hardcore sex in vernacular and uploading pornographic pictures have been pulled down in the last 3 weeks.

Facebook is keen to keep the itself family-friendly and we will probably see a lot of more of these pages being closed down in the coming weeks.

At this stage it is not clear whether secret groups have been affected as well but it would seem the ones being spoken off were public.

By the way, Facebook can decide to ban the admins as well, especially if they are repeat offenders.

After that, appealing is pretty pointless because they will simply tell you that they can’t tell you why, so you can’t even try being compliant.

About the pages being pulled down we are pro-that because kids are using the social media site and there are currently no filters to prevent them being exposed to.

  • Next they need to take a stand with people/companies and their Like this picture and share with your friends to win a helicopter ride under the sea.

    Sometimes the less tech savy people don’t know what’s genuine and what’s not plus I’m sure it’s against FB’s policy for those type of promotions unless it’s changed and I’m being stupid?

    • Yeah… It’s ridiculous when people do that and how people get away with it

  • This is the best thing ever

  • Mudzvarambengo Tigere

    chihure chanyanya paFB vana vedu votokuwadzwa pfungwa neFB.

    • And apa Facebook haina maFilters saka hapana warning yekuti izvi ndezvenzenza