Is Facebook About To Buy Whatsapp?

Social media behemoth Facebook is set to buy your favourite messaging application Whatsapp soon if Techcrunch is to be believed.

How much for and the stage at which the deal is not clear but one thing for sure is that there seems to be enough noise to suggest something is about to happen.

Facebook has been aggressively buying whatever they can come across, especially since 2011 where 19 of their 33 acquisitions have taken place.

We hope they don’t do what they did to Snaptu when they bought it.

Scary thing? Now not only will Facebook own your stuff you put on their site, now they are about to link your number, the content you send away from them. They are about to own you and the people that aren’t even on Facebook.


  • Dread

    Ndokuti Whatsapp iwanewo mari. Plan yavo yekubhadarisa madhimbi inenge yanga yakuda kushupa.