Facebook Bans Nudity… Well Sort Of..

Facebook has reviewed its community guidelines and some of you freaks out there will be unhappy.

aaronsimonsen / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

It is banning nudity, well except artistic nudity. It will take down images that it thinks are kinda off. So no bare boobs (if they include the nipple – which sucks because that is the best part) or bare bottoms.

It gets even more hectic. You can’t describe sexual acts in vivid detail anymore.

Also added are direct threats, self-injury, dangerous organisations, bullying and harassment, attacks on public figures, criminal activity, sexual violence and exploitation.

Essentially it has become a church.

But on the real though, we can do without some of that stuff. Last week some fella got people worked up by giving the impression he was going to kill himself.

I am just