Is email dead?

So there was an article I was reading the other day which said that spam accounted for 90.4% of all email communication of all email. Yes you read that right, 90.4% is unsolicited junk.

That means 1 in every 1.1 emails is junk. Less than 10% of emails sent is absolute crap.

Which makes you wonder if email is a dead protocol. Cause if something has a 90.4% failure rate, it is dead. Think of a relationship in which your partner is unfaithful 90.4% of the time. That relationship even by the stretch of definition of Open Relationships is dead.

Instant Messaging and Social Media has changed communication of course but it is now ridiculous that we even feign to imagine email remains effective.

Think of the world’s processing power being wasted on a 419 scam from Nigeria. It is a joke