Econet Forced To Reconnect NetOne

NetOne has won a High Court decision which challenged the move by Econet to cut its rival off over a $20 million interconnection debt.

Econet had cut NetOne off termination of calls between the two networks yesterday. Econet is the largest mobile network service provider in Zimbabwe while NetOne is state-run and a bit more disoganised than its rival.

The High Court has come in and said the tiff between the two companiess had nothing to do with subscribers and the said cutting off would result in inconveniencing of customers.

Econet has come out of this saying that they have taken a ‘unilateral’ decision to reconnect NetOne in spite of this being influenced by a Justice Ben Hlatshwayo decision.

The regulatory authorityPotraz, which has been quiet up until now has said that the two companies need to take their issue to arbitration as interconnection was not optional but a requirement of the licencee.

It doesn’t really look as if Econet had thought this through to be honest. Maybe it was just a show of muscle. Whatever it is, they know best.

That said, NetOne should just own up. It’s like a dude who has been getting things from you on credit and then next thing he looks at you square in the eye and says he doesn’t owe you any money.

You wonder what makes NetOne so confident that they can do this though…

UPDATE: Econet have been sending a text message around saying that they have ‘unilaterally decided to extend interconnection to NetOne until Monday 27 August when the High Court is expected to hear the matter’. They also add that NetOne will make proposals for repayment by then through its lawyers.

Did it really need to get to this?

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