Econet Apologises For Overcharging On Data Usage

Zimbabwe’s largest mobile network, Econet, has issued an apology for discrepancies in how it charged its subscribers’ data usage this past Saturday.

In a statement released on Sunday via their Facebook page Econet said:

Good Evening Buddies, we sincerely apologize for the overcharging on your data usage on 30/03/2013. We are processing your refund shortly.

Frankly speaking the thing that has annoyed a lot of people is not the overcharging itself but the fact that it has taken until now to issue an apology with not explanation.

Let’s face it. Everyone knows glitches happen all the time but the fact that there is a communication blackout leaves a sour taste in the mouth.

If there is a bit of decency, the apology and refund would be nice with a bit on top.

Just a suggestion.

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