Diarrhoea Warning For Zimbabwe

The Ministry of Health and Child Welfare has issued a diarrhoea winter outbreak warning particularly among young children due to rota virus.

Though the trend has been for diarrhoea to be more of a summer disease, there has been significant evidence that winter has become a hotspot too.

State media, ZBC, quotes Director of Epidemiology  and Disease Control, Dr  Portia Manangazira as saying:

We are saying there is need for the health authorities to be on high alert of the threat of diarrhoea caused by the rota virus. Mothers should ensure that their families have access to clean water. The virus that causes the disease is there for real.

We imagine that she nodded her head, then shook it before shuffling away. She then stopped, turned around and said ‘Ishuwa mufunge’ (loosely translated ‘for real real’) and then disappeared down the government corridor and turned into her government office.

With the disease responsible for 453,000 deaths worldwide every year with 2 million hospitalised, we understand her concerns.

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