Data Breach AT Facebook Exposes 6 Million Users’ Contact Info

Over 6 million users had their phone numbers and email addresses exposed due to  Facebook bug, the social media giant has reported.

Facebook has been experiencing breaches

Facebook has been experiencing breaches

According to Mashable this is what happened:

The breach was caused by an unfortunate combination of Facebook’s “People You May Know” and “Download Your Information” features. “People You May Know” offers friend suggestions based in part on other users’ uploaded contact lists or address books; “Download Your Information” offers a downloadable version of your Facebook Timeline archive.

When some users downloaded their Facebook archives with “Download Your Information,” the archive included contact information for second-tier connections with whom Facebook thought those users might want to connect but who hadn’t yet received or approved a friend request from that user. Translation: Data breach.

If you have been affected, Facebook will get in touch with you via email.