China Develops Clone Of Austrian Town

Now we know the Chinese for copying everything from iPhones to clothes, shoes and the workers but they may have outdone themselves this time.

A Chinese developer has made a replica of a whole town. The town question is the world heritage site of Hallstatt. Yes, they have copied it down to the tee in Guangdong. This includes an exact replica of its church clock tower, European style wooden houses and other properties that will be sold to investors. The whole sch-bang cost $940 million.

The people of Hallstatt were initially upset but softened their stance later. They were only pissed because noone asked them for permission to copy. However, that is like being in an exam and then the next person asking to copy from you. They just pretty much do as they well like because they are, well, copying.

Wonder where they will put the Made In China sign…

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