Chaos Forces Vehicle Licensing Deadline Extension

The Zimbabwe National Road Administration yesterday decided to extend the deadline for the licensing of vehicles to 30 June following the chaos that has dogged the new system.

The new computerised system has been victim to extended power-cuts resulting in people not being able to get things done on time.

What we find amusing is that the power cuts as an excuse seems a bit lame. It is not as if power cuts are a new phenomenon in Zimbabwe. They have been here for a while. This is not new. This means that whatever system was going to implemented had to take that into consideration. Either that or with all the money they are making from toll-gates and the lot, they could have gotten a generator or two so as to make sure power cuts didn’t become an issue.

The new system is a good idea especially the part where you pay for a term starting from the day you register until it expires. Not that ZBC-license style term system which disregards when you pay and locks you down to a fixed period.

As it stands, I guess for those who had hearts in mouth given that the fine for failing to have a license disc is a whopping $45, this should come as a relief.

It should also give time for the counterfeiters to come up with a plan to beat the system. Yeah we all know those dudes.

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