Your Cellphone May Be Hurting Your Relationships

Most of us can relate to this situation. A group of friends sitting around a table exchanging stories… but not with each other.

They are all on their phones, using Whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter or trying to find the closest place to check in to Foursquare. Even if the phone is in hand, once in a while we quickly check it to see if something has come in, if there is no notification.

A test was done of people in relation to their phones.

When two strangers were put in a room and asked to talk about something relatively personal, and two objects were on the table, the conversation tended to be less trusting if there was a phone nearby.

When the conversation was more casual it wasn’t that big a deal but the presence of a phone nearby tended to affect interpersonal relationships when the discussion was meaningful.

In essence what happens is that one does not even have to be on the phone for it to be a source of irritation. It being there is as a reminder of the wider world out there. That remind distracts us and we are less connected to the environment we are in.

In essence interacting in a neutral environment, without a cell phone nearby, seems to help foster closeness, connectedness, interpersonal trust, and perceptions of empathy — the building-blocks of relationships.

So you wonder why you and the missus are growing apart and she keeps complaining about it? It is that bloody phone. Put it away!

With information from the Scientific American