AUDIO: Interview With Founder Nigel Mugamu As #263Chat Turns 1

This past Sunday was Zimbabwean social networking conversationalist enterprise #263Chat’s first anniversary and we got an invite to drinks at the Centurion.

#263Chat's Nigel Mugamu

#263Chat’s Nigel Mugamu

We spoke to owner and founder Nigel Mugamu (Sir Nige) and he shared a few exclusive nuggets with us on the journey so far and where he was planning to take it now. He also shared thoughts on the new minister of Information Jonathan Moyo among other things.

Listen to it below.

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  • bayhaus

    Thanks for this man cool interview. Loved angle of the community radios and how #263chat can come through the radios and go to that very community addressing those concerns. And of course the “Go-o Bhora” in the background!

    • It was a pleasure doing it. It’s great to see young Zimbabweans at work.

  • Knowledge Manyika

    Good interview … very professionals the both of you..3-mob truly this is guerrilla radio .. are we seeing a weekly podcast out anytime soon ?

    • This is already at an advanced stage. But thanks for paying attention. Really appreciate every time you give us a read.