As the maiden flight is completed, here is why you should fly Rainbow Airlines

Just before 2pm on Wednesday 25 January 2017, Rainbow Airlines left Harare International Airport for Victoria Falls on its maiden flight.

On board was a troupe of media practitioners from across the board, invited to experience the flight.

The 50-seater CRJ100 plane which arrived on Tuesday and we were alaways wary of the whole turbulence going up. After all, some other airline had given his the hibbijibbies with its MA60. The plan shot into the sky and soon enough we were deep in the clouds, closer to the sun than we had been moments before and without a bump. Throughout the flight to and fro we only hit very mild turbulence twice but other than that it was very pleasant.

The food was served in a box and was very salad based. It was complemented with soft drinks with a champagne option. It is possible that the champagne was meant for that flight.

At the brand spanking new Victoria Falls International Airport we had sandwiches and coffee thanks to Cafe Espresso. Oh there was that pizza too.

When we landed back in Harare around 6.30pm we were generally impressed. That we had a rainbow in the horizon as we descended onto the capital capped it all off.

The CemAir folks are still running the plane at the moment, including the cabin crew on duty while locals are being trained to take over in a few weeks and if our locals can keep up the same level of service this will be pleasant.

The first commercial flight is set for Johannesburg from Harare on 2 February according to Chief Executive Officer Ed Barry. It will cost $285 including all taxes and luggage so it is a good deal even in this off-season.

A recommend from us.