Amai Jukwa Responds To Gono Lawsuit Threat

Facebook user ‘Amai Jukwa’ has responded to a threat by Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe governor Gideon Gono to sue ‘her’.

Amai Jukwa its back at Gono

Amai Jukwa its back at Gono

In a post titled AMAI JUKWA IDENTITY REVEALED on the social network the page’s admin posted this

Instead of speculating about the identity of Amai Jukwa why does Gideon Gono not just go to The Herald and ask? I am not afraid of him. Why is he wasting time shouting about Facebook lawsuits when he can just direct his lawyers to ask a court to order the Herald to lift the identity of the person who writes the Herald column? That would immediately unmask the Amai Jukwa mastermind.

The post has blurred out images of the admin section of the Facebook page. In the description section under the same post, Amai Jukwa adds that the page is run by multiple admins and that the person who writes in the government rag is not the same person who posts on Facebook.

Gono threatened to sue Internet trolls who he says have been lying about him.

Amai Jukwa has been particularly critical of Gono accusing him of theft and mismanagement among other things.