Alarming HIV Statistics For Rape Victims

16 Percent of rape victims tested positive for HIV this year according to the Adult Rape Clinic. The figure could be higher if juvenile offenders are included as the clinic only recorded statistics for cases dealing with people, 16 years and above.

Beyond that, there is also a huge number of people who do not report cases of rape which means that the number could even be a lot higher.

It means this sickening crime comes with a double-whammy. Not only does one have to live with the horror of being violated, theĀ perpetrators take the victim’s life away.

We think that when one rapes and infects a victim the crime should be bumped up to something that implies murder. Maybe something to do with grievous bodily harm on top of the existing rape charge. We would say murder but as the victim is still alive we imagine, it might be legally complex.

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