There are 900,000 users of Facebook in Zimbabwe

We have always wondered how many Zimbabweans there are in Zimbabwe who are on Facebook and Mark and his mates have never been keen on telling us how many they are. One of their excuses was they could not get the info in spite of the fact that I can tell how many users come from where using my analytics.

Then I happened on a new-found acquaintance who could become a friend who happened to talk to someone from Facebook who told her that there were 900,000 users of Facebook in Zimbabwe with 500,000 being in mobile and the rest being on other means of communication. She also added that Zimbabwe was one of the few countries that had a higher number of mobile users than any other platform.

On top of that she said that Facebook was easily the most visited in Zimbabwe while Twitter was the 9th most accessed site from the Opera Mobile browser.

We will get you more details as we get them