Zimbabwe Match-Fixing Probe: Four Players Caught With Well-Known Match-Fixers

Four members of the men’s Zimbabwe national football team were caught having lunch with well-known match-fixers on Tuesday.

Earlier today we ran a story that said Knowledge Musona and Ovidy Karuru were currently under investigation for alleged match-fixing in the matches against Guinea and Mozambique.

It now turns out that Musona, Karuru along with Thomas Sweswe and Zhaimu Jambo were caught red-handed in the company of shady people. The players said they were simply collecting papers from them but, come on man. Are they just dumb or simply arrogant?

After reportedly being seen at disgraced former ZIFA head Henrietta Rushwaya’s office you really get a bit worried now.

It is either there these kids are just pawns in a game which pits Ruswaya against the current executive or they are really up to something.

If they are up to something we can only blame ZIFA and the courts. If people get away with corruption on technicalities then what is the deterrent? To our minds we don’t think we have ever heard of people being convicted of corruption  in this country. So if the four players in question are  up to some business, then they know that they will get out of it somehow.

This is sickening though.