Zimbabwe Get Fair AFCON 2017 Qualifying Draw

Zimbabwe will be fairly happy with their draw for the African Cup of Nations 2017 draw.

Soccer Balls

They will face Guinea (who will be favourites), Malawi and Swaziland in Group L.

The format at the qualification format is:

There will be thirteen groups, twelve with four teams and one with three teams (plus the host nation which play friendlies with the three teams). The group winners and two best overall runner-ups will qualify for the tournament. When determining the best runners-up, the group of the host nation (where only matches between three teams are counted for the standings) is not considered, as well as any group where only three teams are left due to withdrawal of one team.

The tournament will be held in Gabon after Libya pulled out due to security issues.

Zimbabwe will hope to qualify for the first time since 2006.

The other groups are

Group A: Tunisia, Togo, Liberia, Djibouti

Group B: DRC, Angola, CAR, Madagascar

Group C: Mali, Eq. Guinea, Benin, South Sudan

Group D: Burkina Faso, Uganda, Botswana, Comoros

Group E: Zambia, Congo, Kenya, Guinea Bissau

Group F: Cape Verde, Morocco, Libya, São Tomé

Group G: Nigeria, Egypt, Tanzania, Chad

Group H: Ghana, Mozambique, Rwanda, Mauritius

Group I: Cote d’Ivoire, Sudan, Sierra Leone, Gabon

Group J: Algeria, Ethiopia, Lesotho, Seychelles

Group K: Senegal, Niger, Nambia, Burundi

Group L Guinea, Malawi, Zimbabwe, Swaziland

Group M: Cameroon, South Africa, Gambia, Mauritania

With information from Wikipedia and Sportsline