Zimbabwe Cricket: Have We Turned The Corner, Again?

Queens Sports Club in Bulawayo was on  Tuesday the battleground where  Zimbabwe would claim  one of its sweetest victories in recent ODI cricket history. It was sweet because we were chasing a big total of 328. It was sweet because New Zealand, perhaps thought we would not make it, sweet because it was a close match and we won by one wicket.

After a spate of seven dissmal performances, this win has caused a bit of excitment amongst cricket fans and administrator. But  the question is are we really back in business as a cricket playing nation. Often (and this applies to most Zimbabwean sports in general) our performances are  characterized by periods highs and lows we are never consistent. With Zimbabwean sport one rarely sits back in ones chair and enjoys the match  with the confidence that we have a solid team playing.

It really always feels like walking on egg shells or for those of us who never liked taking tests the feeling you got when you were writing “O” Levels. More like “phew thank God its over and we made it !” If we were to give advise to Cricket Zimbabwe  for what its worth, we would say -continue working at grassroots and youth development because thats the only way to maintain consistency and become a real cricket powerhouse. This is just one victory  and we certainly hope this is the begining of  good things to come.

The is how it ended-

Zimbabwe 329/9 (49.5) v New Zealand 328 (50)



  • Yep, good advice – keep building up cricket at grassroots level, and hopefully we’ll start to see more consistency in our national game. Our boys did us all very proud yesterday!

    • knowing some of the things happening behind the scene I am proud of the fact that they make it out onto the pitch. Brendan Taylor has been leading from the front as a captain and the new guys from yesterday gave it a go. We really want them to do well.

  • Dylkeith

    Completely agree. I think both us fans and the international cricket community jumps the gun a bit when Zim comes away with a positive result. Although we won the Bangladesh series the cracks, mistaken for simply taking the foot off the pedal, showed in the last 2 games and carried through to the Pakistan and even deepened at the start of the current series. I think the that there may be a bit of complacency within the Zim camp where “established” players do not pay the cost of poor form. It is a very tricky balancing act that the electors have to walk as they want to build their confidence while at the same time slowly put pressure on them to perform. I am interested on how the zimbabwean administration feels on players playing overseas? I think that there are a few players who could benefit from playing in a different environment and honing their skills.

    • I think it is a lot more complex than that. I mean there is the issue if their not being paid appearance fees in over a year