Zimbabwe Blocks Sports Betting Licensing – Report

The Zimbabwe government has moved to ban sports betting licensing following concerns over national gambling addiction.

A $1 bet
San Diego Shooter / Foter / CC BY-NC-ND

This according to sports betting news website sbcnews, has the blessing of the office of the president as well as the department of home affairs.

Betting on sport has been on the increase over the last couple of years as desperate Zimbabweans look to make an extra dollar. Most bets are on English football teams due to easy accessibility to information on these.

Unfortunately the societal issues associated with gambling are well-documented and with no counselling centres available in the country it is a bit worrying.

We have written about it and the dangers where we called it a ticking timebomb. (Click here)

Crazy stat. 60 million Nigerians spend USD9 million a day placing bets.