ZIFA Boss: Zim-Angola Match Was Fixed

The Zimbabwe Football Association boss Cuthbert Dube has sensationally said the Africa Cup Of Nations qualifier between Zimbabwe and Angola which the Warriors lost was fixed.

He said there were funny faces around the camp before the match, which he said were known for engaging in match-fixing.

Dube says the current team should be disbanded and built from the under-17s up.

But, Mr Dube… why did you let players with soiled reputations like Edward Sadomba, Kingstone Nkatha and for goodness sake Energy Murambadoro to be called to the national team? These are players who cannot and should not be trusted to do national duty.

Yes, they were cleared but if the claims by Dube turn out to be true, it is ZIFA that is ultimately to blame. They allowed the well to be poisoned.

Having said that, we need to see the evidence Mr Dube. We wouldn’t be surprised if this was true though. We lost to a very average Angolan side.

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