Is ZIFA About To Back Down On Asiagate Suspensions?

It seems as if reports indicate that the Zimbabwe Football Association is about to soften its stance on the bans and suspensions it imposed on players and officials involved in the Asiagate match fixing scandal.

We are told that some people will be offered fines in order to continue with their careers.

Yes, for such a treasonous act, they will be offered a fine. For embarrassing Zimbabwe on the international scale, they will be fined.

Zifa chairman Cuthbert Dube:

We are parents as well, we really had to put a human face to this problem where gullible young players were used as pawns by corrupt officials. We would like to see them continue playing

and chief executive officer Jonathan Mashingaidze

We have realised that youngsters were dragged into this mess by corrupt and greedy officials. The boys must be given a second chance as some are still very young with a bright future. The corrupt officials are the ones who should feel the heat.

Well that is all very well and good but what message does it send to the kids out there. That if you steal, as long as you say someone older made you do it, you can pretty much get away with it. It says that grown men are not culpable when it comes to heinous acts.

Come on, ZIFA, we deserve better than that.