WhatsApp Message Sends Highlanders Fans Safety Tips For Dynamos Match… Erm…

A WhatsApp message has been doing the rounds warning Highlanders fans about their security at this weekend’s Zimbabwe derby match against bitter rivals Dynamos.

Highlanders Fans PIC: Highlanders FC website

Highlanders Fans PIC: Highlanders FC website

High profile matches at Barbourfields Stadium have been very volatile of late and it seems as if this messages is trying to stir something.

It goes…


*DON’T roam the streets of Bulawayo alone with Highlanders regalia as they have planned intimidating you to retaliate violently to justify their chairperson’s claims.

*DON’T ever make a mistake of sitting near Dynamos fans at the VIP bay,coz last year they are the ones who started throwing missiles.

*DON’T ever make a mistake of going across MPILO END

*DON’T offer any Dynamos fan any lift to and from the stadia as he will later claim you refused with his change and threatened him with knife.

*DON’T get involved in any quarrel/discussion with Dynamos fans after the game as they will provoke you violence.

*DON’T get out of the stadium alone after the final whistle.

*DON’T SPLIT with others.

*DON’T do any celebrations at your home (if you live in Harare especially Mbare) after the game ,or else you will be homeless

*DON’T go to the stadium wearing amanyathela or mapush

*DON’T PARK YOUR CAR outside the stadium. They will stone it.

*DON’T go there with your kids please.

DON’T run around the streets singing songs praising Highlanders ,if you are not embraced to fight as they have certainly planned violence in their latest bid to have Barbourfields banned.



If you doubt their motive read the sinister motives spewed by Kenny Mubaiwa in today’s Daily Noise because they know their referees Norman Matemera and Bongani Gahadzikwa will not handle their match.

Now the message screams alarm and despondency.

It misses one fundamental thing about football though. It is meant to unite people. When we start talking about fans sticking to their own then we have missed the point. Sport becoming the divisive thing is dangerous because we go down dark allies which we rather wouldn’t.

Both Highlanders and Dynamos fans are responsible for keeping the peace and that means being able to support whoever they want without feeling as if loving your team can  bring you harm. In effect messages of solidarity should be the ones making the rounds.

It really is possible to support different teams without turning it into a fight. No passion lost. Just great rivalry.

Meanwhile police have warned would-be hooligans that they will not be taking any nonsense.

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