VIDEO: An inspirational behind-the-scenes look at Kirsty Coventry’s Rio Olympics

Africa’s most decorated Olympian Kirsty Coventry completed her final games last month in Rio De Janeiro.

The Olympic Channel has released a Video Diary video showing the work that Zimbabwe’s golden girl into a good performance in Rio:

I had this dream when I was 9. I wanted to go to the Olympics and win a gold medal. I am so happy I got to do it and have a really great career.

And about carrying the Zimbabwe flag at Rio:

Being able to carry my country’s flag at my last games was really special.

Special to us too Kirsty.

I look at the athlete that I was in 2004 and 2008 and I was focused. I am still focused but I know that if  do not win a  medal and do what I want to do now, again, the people that mean the most to me and are closest to me, won’t treat me any different.

Seven of the eight medals we have as a country are all from you. You made a whole country dream.

Watch the video in full below: