THREE reasons why Tanya Muzinda is an inspiration

Young Zimbabwean motocross athlete Tanya Muzinda is an incredible inspiration.

And here are three reasons why

She’s 12

You never really think of 12 year-old girls on little motorbikes and traveling the world chasing a passion… and winning at it. Tanya is doing that. She has not let societal conventions limit her ambition. She has with the support of her family grabbed hold of her dream and chased hard after it. Talk about totally busting the myth of what little girls should be doing.

She’s already picked national awards

Tanya with her dad after picking up her awards

Tanya with her dad after picking up her awards

Tanya is the reigning Junior Sporstperson of the year and Junior Sportswoman of the year. This is on top of ZIWA sports woman of the year award. Already a trailblazer.

She’s already doing things for good

In a post on her website she said:

I’m happy to announce a collaboration with Dominion Innovative Créations for the Harare Children’s hospital. I was chosen to potray and inspire the image of “Thrive Beyond illness” for the sick children and the community at large. This opportunity will bring more visibility to both the hospital and Team Tanya within our community and internationaly. To begin the 2016 campaign we will be hosting a fundraising Christmas Dinner to engage the community before year end. The funds raised will go towards a Christmas brunch which will be held at the Children’s hospital to support the pediatric patient population admitted on December 25 ,2015.

Ngugi Vere is behind the design..

Tanya Muzinda co-branding with Harare Children's Hospital

Tanya Muzinda co-branding with Harare Children’s Hospital

After all this, wouldn’t you be inspireed?

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