TB Joshua On Champions League Final

So there have been rumours going around about what Nigerian religious leader Temitope Balogun(TB) Joshua had to say about tonight’s UEFA Champions League final between England’s Chelsea and Germany’s Bayern Munich.

Well there have been conflicting reports about what he may or may not have said. One source says that he predicted in early May that if Chelsea did not have John Terry (who is suspended) in the side they would win. We suspect that one was started by a Chelsea fan because we already knew by late April that Terry was going to be missing after his red card.  The TB Joshua fan club issued a statement distancing the ‘prophet’ from that prediction.

Then there was another rumour that he had said that a bald player would score from an assist from a tall player for Bayern, which would give the Germans the title.

Well, we have scoured the Internet and it seems as if no video exists of TB Joshua making any prediction related the football match tonight. Usually you would find stuff on the Youtube account or from his website but there is nothing.

Unless of course, he is hiding the video and preparing to release it tomorrow with both predictions only to say… I told you so!

  • Htoma

    TB joshua said instead Chelsea needs prayer more than Buyern and to me i spelt it as Buyern victory

  • Zbango

    TB Joshua said that he had not predicted a Chelsea win instead it was Chelsea which needed prayer