Tatenda Taibu Quits Cricket For Church

Tatenda Taibu, one of Zimbabwe’s finest cricketers, has announced his retirement from the game, stating that he wants to focus on working for the church.

Taibu played 28 Tests and 150 ODIs for Zimbabwe and has quit at the prime age of 29.

The decision has rocked Zimbabwe Cricket after he was named in Zimbabwe’s provisional squad for September’s World Twenty20.

It ends an 11-year international career, during which he became the youngest Test captain in history. A finger injury kept him out of top-flight cricket since the tour of New Zealand early this year.

Cricinfo quotes him as saying:

I just feel that my true calling now lies in doing the Lord’s work and although I am fortunate and proud to have played for my country, the time has come for me to put my entire focus on that part of my life.

Taibu leaves the game as the 4th highest ODI runs scorer for Zimbabwe and the second most dismissals as wicket-keeper behind the legendary Andy Flower.

He leaves cricket on the back of the resignation of former MD Ozias Bvute from Zimbabwe Cricket with whom he had a strained relationship.

We wonder what prompted all of this but we wish him all the best in his new passion. Will he be a pastor? Or even a prophet. That is the in-thing nowadays isn’t it?

Mind you, given that cricket isn’t paying much these days, the church might be the way to go. Ask Emmanuel Makandiwa about that money.

  • Observor

    You know what, my theory is that he has brain washed by these cults in Zim.

    • Kwa

      Akaitoita mari kudhara.