Is Sport Now Full Of Actors?

The line between sport and fiction is getting fuzzy with each day and we blame WWF wrestling for introducing acting into sport. It also seem like the acting is now creeping into other traditional sports.

Remember the time everyone in Zimbabwe thought WWF was real. if a person tried to tell others that it was fake, no one would believe them. It looked all real back then, yet it was just good acting and stuntman-ship. But people started to get suspicious when Hulk Hogan always seemed to dramatically win when it looked unlikely.

Now we are witnessing certain decisions in traditional sports like soccer which leaves one wondering whether what is happening on the soccer field is real or people are just following some script.

Given the level of corruption in Sports these days, one can not be sure if the outcomes are real or rigged.

At one point sports were virtuous and people played them for the love and pride and all that. We now have people who are better at acting and causing drama outside the sport than actually playing the sport. The case of Dereck Chisora is a good example.

Then there are referees who make the most dubious decisions, and coaches who make decisions on the bench that people wonder about. It really feels like somebody is playing with peoples minds.