Soccer Coach Claims Makandiwa Appeared In His Dream

Shabanie coach Luke Masomere says he knows the teams that will be in the final of the Mbada Diamonds Cup, because prominent religious leader, Emmanuel Makandiwa, told him, in  dream.

Yes, folks, this is what football has come down to. Instead of teams training and trying to be the best and possibly bribing someone, they now get their answers in dreams.

Masomere, whose wife goes to Makandiwa’s United Family International Church, will lead his charges against FC Platinum in the quarter finals says he will reveal the ‘prophecy’ after this weekend’s matches.

This is a bit weird and  departure from the usual ‘so-and-so is going to die’ prophecy that we normally get. Unless of course you are one of the other 6 teams still in the competition that won’t make it.

We think it is all a load of dog poo and Masomere should spend more time coaching than having weird dreams.

Hey, Masomere. Last night Malaika Mashandu appeared in the dreams of one of the men on the boat. She said she liked us. We should go to town on that right?

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