PSL-ZIFA squabble puts top flight sponsorship at risk

Delta Beverages are unhappy with the ongoing impasse between the Premier Soccer League and the Zimbabwe Football Association.


The company’s marketing director Maxen Karombo says with the raft of suspensions the leadership vacuum means negotiations over an extension of the deal to sponsor the country’s flagship league are in danger. The current deal runs down at the end of this month.

Karombo says that its brand, Castle Lager, the title sponsor of the PSL was continually being associated with unsavoury headlines over the relegation and promotion fights.

Delta Beverages is arguably the biggest sponsor of local sport and were they to pull out of the PSL sponsorship, it would be a disaster of sorts.

The PSL emergency committee is meeting on Saturday to find a resolution. As it stands it is not clear how the matter will be resolved given the complexities of the problem and possible lawsuits.

  • Joseph Chirume

    I wouldn’t be surprised by Castle Lager’s threat to pull out of the PSL sponsorship.Castle is an international brand and therefore for its reputation to be tarnished and eroded by one greedy Philip Chiyangwa boggles every right minded person.It is also wrong and unpatriotic for some of us soccer loving Zimbabweans to just adopt a wait and see attitude while Philip and his criminals are destroying our soccer.
    We have a good performing team to support and promote, notwithstanding the fact that we are the only country in Southern Africa with the best crop of naturally talented stars.
    When Philip took over the reigns at Zifa,the sky came crashing and any hope for success was brutally throttled.
    He is just notorious for his bullying and bankrupting once viable companies.Check his history.
    He doesn’t know how to present himself in front of the camera as he is always on the offensive whether he is talking to a journalist on a talk show programme..
    Sponsorship is about bankrolling a viable project for a valuable return. Companies demand to see beneficiaries exhibiting a marketable behaviour so that their image and brand are respected and sold to the public. Sponsorship is a brutal game that is uncompromising when it comes to quality, ethics, professionalism, responsibility, and accountability among others. Unfortunately all these are obsolete in the corridors of power at Zifa house.
    I sense Chiyangwa has a surprise sponsor whom he will announce soon. That sponsor will inevitably be financially and administratively carted by Chiyangwa.That’s he would milk them dry till the milk is no more before he painfully dumps them.
    Using chicanery and unfounded racism,I foresee Chiyangwa accusing the company of being controlled by the whites and by so doing he would have completed his game of deceit and ultimately the poor company will just pack and leave empty-handed.
    There is an elephant in the room and without us removing the cancer called Philip Chiyangwa, success will only be a pipe dream.
    Best Regards
    Joseph Chirume.